Thanksgiving Troubles 

Most Americans are worried about the rising cost of food this Thanksgiving.

  • 86 percent say increased prices will impact their meal planning. 
  • This is up 20 percent from last year.  

WHY IT MATTERS: Reduced spending on Thanksgiving could signal a spending drop on holiday gifts, too. This will hit U.S. businesses hard.   


  • Tukey and non-chicken poultry are up 16.9 percent  
  • Pie is up by 18.6 percent  
  • Rolls and biscuits are up 13.6 percent  
  • Butter is up 26.7 percent  
  • Gravy is up 14.6 percent  

THE IMPACT: FinanceBuzz asked Americans how the rising cost of food will impact Thanksgiving:  

  • 57 percent said they will look for sales at grocery stores 
  • 31 percent said they will use more coupons than normal  
  • 24 percent said they will use cheaper ingredients  
  • 21 percent said they will shop at cheaper grocery stores  
  • 20 percent said they “may cut back on food”
  • 15 percent said they will ask guests to bring more food  
  • 15 percent said they will invite “fewer” guests 

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