Top Priorities for Health Care Reform

Large, bipartisan majorities support health care price transparency and increased access to mental health care. 

WHY IT MATTERS – These could be two areas in which the Republican House and Democrat Senate and President can find common ground and get something done.  

THE QUESTION – A Kaiser Family Foundation poll of U.S. adults asked participants to prioritize several potential health care reforms. The top three reforms marked a “top priority” or “important” were:  

  • 95 percent – Passing a law to make health care prices more transparent to patients 
  • 92 percent – Increasing funding for access to mental health services  
  • 91 percent – Strengthening requirements to make health insurance plans cover mental health as they do physical health 

TOP PRIORITY – Price transparency was ranked a “top priority” among all voter groups, including:  

  • 66 percent of women 
  • 54 percent of men 
  • 66 percent of Democrat/lean Democrat 
  • 54 percent of Republican/lean Republican 

Mental health initiatives were ranked as a top priority by a majority of women and Democrats and a plurality of men and Republicans. 

BOTTOM LINE – Congress and the President could get something done in health care if they are willing to work together.  

GO DEEPERKaiser Family Foundation December Tracking Poll