Voters Support Balancing the Budget by Reforming Government and Economic Growth – The Same Formula That Worked in the 1990s

In the wake of large spending increases in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and more proposed spending increases being proposed by Congress, The American Majority Project decided to survey Americans on whether they believe we can get back to a balanced budget and their support for measures to achieve it. Here are the highlights, with full results, including crosstabs available in the link below.

62% Agree with the following statement regarding the Biden administration’s increased government spending policies: “Big Government Socialism Isn’t Working.”

70% of voters support a constitutional amendment requiring Congress to balance the federal budget each year.

73% favor the approach that led to four years of balanced budgets in the 1990s – controlling government spending, reforming welfare, and increasing economic growth through cutting regulations and taxes.

58% believe that cutting wasteful spending and corruption in government would be enough to balance the federal budget.

51% believe balancing the federal budget will reduce inflation.

However, despite the popularity of balancing the budget and a roadmap from recent history for how to get there, only 34% believe Congress is capable of balancing the federal budget and only 30% are more optimistic than not that it will happen.