Voters Want Lawmakers Arrested for Insider Trading 

Americans believe government officials are likely using insider information to enrich themselves. Furthermore, they want these lawmakers fired and even arrested for doing so.  

WHY IT MATTERS—A law that would ban government officials from trading stocks is stalled in the House of Representatives.  

THE INTRIGUE—Proponents of the bill claim House Speaker Nancy Pelosi deliberately sabotaged a bipartisan bill banning these trades.  

  • Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, invested millions in computer chip stocks just before Congress voted on the CHIPS Act which subsidizes the domestic chip-manufacturing industry.  

BY THE NUMBERS—The Scott Rasmussen Poll asked 1,200 registered voters the following:  

Suppose a government official used insider information to buy and sell stocks. Should that person be fired?  

  • 79 percent answered “yes” 
  • 9 percent answered “no” 
  • 13 percent answered “not sure”  

If a government official used insider information to buy and sell stocks, should he or she be arrested? 

  • 66 percent answered “yes” 
  • 12 percent answered “no” 
  • 23 percent answered “not sure”  

Suppose a government official knew that a ruling was coming that would be good news for a particular company. How likely is it that such an official would use his or her insider information to buy stock in the company?  

  • 46 percent answered “very likely” 
  • 32 percent answered “somewhat likely” 
  • 9 percent answered “not very likely”  
  • 3 percent answered “not at all likely”  
  • 11 percent answered “not sure”  


  • Updated information on the stock-trading bill. Here is all the updated information you need.  
  • A list of every stock trade Paul Pelosi, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, has made since 2021.  
  • 72 additional members who failed to uphold the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act of 2012.   
  • Additional survey information.