61% Say The Government Should Follow Policies Preferred By The American People Even If Experts and Intellectuals Oppose | Scott Rasmussen

If government experts and intellectuals recommended a policy that voters strongly opposed, 61% say the government should follow the policy preferred by the American people. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 19% believe the government follow the policy recommended by experts and intellectuals.

A majority or plurality of every measured demographic group thinks the policies preferred by the people should be pursued. However, the numbers are fairly close among those with post-graduate degrees. Just 43% of these voters think the government should follow the public; 33% say the expert recommendations should be followed. Of course, those with post-graduate degrees are more likely to qualify as government experts.

Other highlights of the poll:

  • Just 25% of voters believe government experts make policy recommendations based primarily on their professional expertise.
  • 55% believe experts make recommendations based on their own political preferences.
  • 66% would oppose changing our system of government so that government experts could set policy without the need for voter approval.
  • 55% of voters believe that letting government bureaucrats set rules without approval of Congress or voters is a major threat to democracy.