Americans in Gloomy Mood About 2023

Most Americans predict economic struggles, political conflict in the U.S., and international chaos in 2023.  

  • Democrats are more optimistic than Republicans, reflecting historical trends of partisans being more optimistic when their party is in the White House.  

WHY IT MATTERS – Economic sentiment is often a self-fulfilling prophecy. Expectations of economic struggles can lead people to pull back spending, which can lead to a recession.  

PREDICTIONS – A recent Gallup poll revealed the following about Americans’ expectations for 2023:  

  • 90 percent predict political conflict 
  • 85 percent predict international discord 
  • 81 percent predict taxes will rise 
  • 79 percent predict economic difficulty 
  • 78 percent predict the federal budget deficit will increase 
  • 73 percent predict that China’s power will increase  
  • 72 percent predict rising crime rates 
  • 65 percent predict prices will rise at a high rate 
  • 64 percent predict American power will decline 

BOTTOM LINE – Americans expect 2023 to be a lot like 2022.