Americans Oppose U.S. Companies Helping Censor Chinese Citizens

A large, bipartisan majority of Americans say they are less likely to do business with companies helping the Chinese Communist Party to censor Chinese citizens.  

WHY IT MATTERS – There is growing scrutiny over big tech’s willingness to help governments suppress speech.  

AMERICAN MAJORITY – Convention of States Action and The Trafalgar Group asked voters if they were more or less likely to do business with major companies who are working with the Chinese Communist party to censor citizen-led protests in China.  

  • 77.3 percent said Less Likely 
  • 20.7 percent said No Difference 
  • 2 percent said More Likely 

Those answering “Less Likely” include:  

  • 84.5 percent of Republicans 
  • 71 percent of Democrats 
  • 75.9 percent of Independents 

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