Amid Rise in Single Americans, Majority Still Support “Till Death Do Us Part”

Most find it realistic to expect people to remain married to one person their entire lives, but attitudes about the importance of marriage as an institution are mixed.  

WHY IT MATTERS –According to Pew, more adults are living without a spouse or partner which could lead to changes in how Americans view marriage.  

MARRIAGE PERSPECTIVES– A Scott Rasmussen national survey asked voters about their views of marriage.  

Asked “Is it realistic to expect people to remain married to one person for their entire life?” 

  • 62 percent – Yes 
  • 25 percent – No 
  • 13 percent – Not sure 

However, Americans are less united on the importance of marriage as an institution. Participants were also asked, “Is marriage one of the most important social institutions in America, one of the least important, or somewhere in between?” 

  • 40 percent – One of the most important  
  • 40 percent – Somewhere in between 
  • 12 percent – One of least important 
  • 8 percent – Not sure  

When asked, “Which of the following is closest to your view?”  

  • 40 percent say they should stay married except if one partner has an affair or is abusive. 
  • 26 percent concluded that people should remain married if the marriage satisfies their desires. 
  • 21 percent believe that most people should remain married for life. 
  • 6 percent are unsure. 
  • 5 percent said that marriage is outdated for a majority of people.  
  • 3 percent believe people should continue to be together until their kids are adults.  

THE BOTTOM LINE – Most still support “till death do us part” but also think there are justifiable reasons for divorce.  


Scott Rasmussen – Scott Rasmussen’s Number of the Day for March 3, 2023