Hispanic Parents Want Alternatives to Public School

Hispanic parents are more likely to want alternatives to traditional public schools, according to a survey released last week by Conoce tus Opciones Escolares (COE).  

COE reported that 59 percent of Hispanic parents surveyed were considering other education options for at least one of their children. This is compared to 52 percent of all parents – Hispanic and otherwise – who responded similarly. 

49 percent said they were considering switching to nontraditional schools due to learning disruptions due to the pandemic. 56 percent responded that they desired a higher quality of education for their children; 49 percent noted their concerns over bullying and school safety, and 24 percent answered they had concerns over school curriculum. 

According to the COE project director, the dropout rate for Hispanic students is 65 percent higher than for white students, so Hispanic parents are seeking alternative options to public school education. This may mean they are open to supporting candidates who run on a message of school choice.