Low Support for Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

Just 14 percent of voters support amnesty for illegal immigrants, with fewer than 3 percent of Hispanic voters in support.  

WHY IT MATTERS – The Biden administration recently renewed calls for amnesty for illegal immigrants amid a surge in illegal migration.  

THE AMNESTY DEABTE– The Convention of States Action survey conducted by The Trafalgar Group asked if individuals believe that those who have entered the country illegally or are currently in the asylum review process should be granted amnesty and citizenship.  

  • 14 percent of voters support amnesty for illegal immigrants and asylum seekers  
  • 60 percent of voters believe illegal immigrants should be expelled and asylum seekers reviewed and granted or removed 
  • 15 percent of voters support amnesty for only asylum seekers  
  • 11 percent are not sure 

BORDER SECURITY ESSENTIAL FOR NATIONAL SECURITY – The majority of Americans comprehend the critical ramifications that border security poses to national security. 

  • 63 percent of voters consider absolutely securing the Southern border to be essential to national security  
  • 62 percent of voters believe state governors have a responsibility to secure the Southern border if the federal government fails to address the border crisis.  

BOTTOM LINE– Americans do not support providing amnesty to those who have entered the country illegally and view border security as a responsibility of state governors.  


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