Most Want Politics-Free Super Bowl LVII

A large majority of voters want sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, to focus solely on the game, without political or cultural statements. 

WHY IT MATTERS – The upcoming Super Bowl LVII raises the question of whether athletes and media outlets will use the event to express their political or cultural views, rather than just focusing on the athletic competition. 

EYE ON THE BALL – A Convention of States Action survey conducted by The Trafalgar Group asked voters: “Do you believe that sporting events, like the Super Bowl, should include political or cultural statements as part of the game and coverage, or just focus on the game itself?”  

  • 84 percent – Just focus on the game  
  • 10 percent – Include political or cultural statements  

TOUCHDOWN FOR BOTH REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS – Majorities across parties prefer Super Bowl coverage free of political and cultural statements. 

  • 82 percent of Independents 
  • 77 percent of Democrats  
  • 93 percent of Republicans  

END ZONE– Most Americans want sporting events, like the Super Bowl, to focus solely on the game and keep politics separate.  


Trafalgar Group – Overwhelming Majority Says Political and Cultural Statements Not Welcome During Game’s Coverage, only 10% Disagree