Poll: Hard Line Immigration Stance a Liability with Latinos…for Democrats

Hispanic voters are far more likely than white Democrats to say the southern border is “not secure” and that the security situation at the border is having a negative impact on their community.

WHY IT MATTERS – The traditional wisdom was that immigration was an issue in which Republican’s anti-illegal immigration stance alienate Hispanic voters. This data suggests the opposite – that it is the white, liberal base of the Democratic Party’s open border policies that pose a larger liability.

THE DISCOUNT IN NUMBERS – The survey from the Republican polling firm WPA Intelligence asked 1,000 registered voters…

Do you believe the southern border of the United States is secure or not secure?

SecureNot Secure
White Democrats48%42%

Do you believe the security situation at the southern border impacts your community positively, negatively, or not at all?

Not at AllNegatively
White Democrats46%20%

Compared to the border states, do you believe liberal states are doing their fair share regarding the absorption and care of asylum seekers, illegal immigrants, and refugees?

White Democrats53%14%