Testing Tim Scott’s Campaign Language

The opportunity to take Scott’s proposition and turn it into a rallying cry for a common sense future

America’s New Majority Project is constantly looking for unifying language and principles that brings together a large majority of Americans.

We recently tested language from Senator Tim Scott’s campaign commercial in which he says:

“If you’re able bodied, you work.
If you take out a loan you pay it back.
And if you commit a violent crime, you go to jail.
And if you’re a man, you should play sports against other men.
America needs more victors and less victims.”

Respondents were asked if they would agree with someone who said that.

  • 46% – Strongly agree
  • 25% – Somewhat agree
  • 14% – Somewhat disagree
  • 7% – Strongly disagree

This is a 71-21 advantage, with majority agreement among all demographic and voting groups. Click below to view Toplines and Crosstabs.