Store Theft – A “Serious” Problem 

More than two-thirds of Americans say organized retail crime is a “serious problem.”  

WHY IT MATTERS – The increase in retail theft may be contributing to the sense among voters that things are “out of control.”  

THE QUESTION – In a poll of U.S. adults, YouGov America asked: “How serious a problem do you think organized retail crime – in which criminal groups steal large amounts of merchandise to sell for a profit – is in the United States today?” 

  • 38 percent said “a very serious problem” 
  • 33 percent said “a somewhat serious problem” 
  • 13 percent said “a minor problem” 
  • 4 percent said “not a problem” 
  • 12 percent said “not sure” 

BOTTOM LINE – Small dollar theft can add up to large dollar losses at scale. Major retailers have warned of an “epidemic” of theft in their stores that could lead to closures.  

  • The 2022 National Retail Security Survey recorded a 26.5 percent increase in retail crime incidents in 2021.  
  • The National Retail Federation found that total losses from theft and inventory loss increased to $94.5 billion that same year.   

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